Obraztsov Igor Gennadievich



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Otolaryngologist for adults and children from 3 years old, otolaryngologist-oncologist, psychotherapist, Ph.D.


1989 - Dnipropetrovsk Medical Institute;
1990 - Internship in Surgery, Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy.
Degree - Candidate of Medical Sciences



2016 - specialization in psychotherapy
2013 - a course with the use of endoscopic and other modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of ENT pathology, including tumors. Clinic Krankenhaus Hietzing in Vienna, Austria;
2007 - qualification course in head and neck surgery at Ichilov Hospital, Tel Aviv, Israel;
2006 - Cornell University seminar, USA, oncology;
2005 - Cornell University seminar, USA, ENT, October 23-29, 2005, Salzburg, Austria;
2005 - 12th European Course on Head and Neck Reconstruction, June 2005, Paris, France.
Association participation

Ukrainian Society of Otolaryngology;
European Society of Otolaryngology;
Association of Reconstructive Surgeons.

Procedures performed

endoscopic, electrosurgical types of operations (punctures and biopsies of the skin, soft tissues of the head and neck, lymph nodes, ENT organs);
electro-dissection of the face and neck;
conservative and surgical treatment of inflammatory pathology of upper respiratory tract in a polyclinic;
endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of organic pathology of upper respiratory tract;
carrying out ENT procedures (washing of a nose, tonsils);
Treatment of pretumor pathology and neoplasms of ENT organs with histological examination
What complaints, symptoms and diseases to consult a doctor
- nasal discharge
- runny nose
- nasal congestion
- sore throat
- hearing loss
- pain when swallowing
- sinusitis
- otitis

- suspicion of tumors of ENT organs, skin
- headache


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